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Thinkladder is a New Zealand based startup working on providing wellness tools. Right now we have turned our attention to working on specific insights and practices for those suffering due to Covid19. So far we have contributions from over 50 mental wellness professionals around the world.

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Thinkladder’s unique tools are designed to help you rewrite the script in your subconscious mind. When we replace our limiting beliefs it changes our old thought patterns which helps us feel better and do better. As we practice these new beliefs and actions with focused concentration and perseverance, they become our new normal.

The Insight Finder helps you grow in self-awareness and identify the subconscious beliefs that are fuelling your unwanted habits, and automatic thoughts and moods. It also allows you to select empowering alternative insights that align with your goals and values.

Insight Reminders bring your selected insights to your attention at regular intervals, providing the repetition your brain needs to assimilate these empowering ideas.

Location Reminders allow you to identify specific contexts and places that often trigger programmed responses that you would like to change. For example, you may recognise that shopping malls trigger self-consciousness, or visiting your in-laws triggers defensiveness, or your workplace triggers perfectionism. Insight Reminders’ allows you to pin specific insights to these locations so that you can receive what you need to hear exactly when you need to hear it.

Practices enable you to internalise new insights and strengthen your ability to choose your focus. Our current practices include; focus, guided mindfulness, and journalling questions.

“Despite the increased awareness of maintaining a healthy mental wellbeing, barriers such as time, cost, trust and stigma still prevent people from accessing help.
Our mission is to make help more accessible.”

Mark Gatt – Co-Founder of ThinkLadder

Friends of Thinkladder

We are a small New Zealand startup with a massive vision. Implementing that vision wouldn’t be possible without the ongoing support of Wellbeing Professionals, Creatives, Influencers, Investors and Innovators. Here is a shout out to some of those that have contributed to making the rapid release of our Covid19 content possible.

Lindy Jacomb

Annelise Goodwin

Lynne Taylor

Kai Bauer

Alexis Waterhouse

Brian Duffy


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